Tree Trunk Feature in PROHBTD



“Ten of us were going to a baseball game, and I just happened to get to Phil’s house a little earlier than everyone else,” recalls Heath Grout on how he and Phil Andrews connected for Tree Trunk, the finest cannabis storage unit ever made. “We started talking about cannabis, and then we were just like, ‘There’s nothing in this market. We should create it.’ By about the seventh inning, we were making plans.”

Grout, a NYC fashion photographer and creative director, and Andrews, a third-generation craftsman in Vancouver, Canada, mapped out a game plan within weeks and worked through multiple designs that would contain all the components high-end consumers would want and appreciate. In July 2017, nearly two years after the baseball game, Tree Trunk made its public debut.

Individually handcrafted, each 40-pound storage unit is made from black walnut wood and contains a solid aluminum insert, custom interior and exterior lights, airtight ultraviolet glass jars, a secure lock and a USB port. From the gorgeous grain patterns to its soft touch, Tree Trunk is a timeless heirloom piece meant to be passed down for generations. PRØHBTD spoke with Andrews and Grout to learn more.

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